HealthStat: Primary Health Care Intelligence


In late 2005 Reach Aotearoa launched HealthStat - a world-first product that provides access to near real-time primary care data analysis. HealthStat enables the sector to access a range of data that has not been available before, at a high level of detail. HealthStat is an invaluable tool for population health needs assessment for PHOs and DHBs. Practice performance can be monitored and resources targeted accurately to get the best health outcomes.

Statistically rigorous sampling and national standardisation means that clinicians and policy makers can obtain unprecedented, up-to-date information about what is happening in primary care nationally.

HealthStat is being used to provide; weekly analyses of flu and gastroenteritis incidence rates, information on the impact of the national depression initiative, a picture of Pacific Health, data for the PHCS evaluation and policy planning data for ACC.

HealthStat operates with three key principles - anonymity, transparency and facilitation. Anonymity - of patients, clinicians and practices. HealthStat complies with the Privacy Act and Health Information Privacy Code. Transparency - clinicians say who can access information and for what purposes. Facilitation - HealthStat will help primary care work better. HealthStat works with existing national standards (e.g. Read codes sets), andsupports their on-going development.

Visit the HealthStat website for more information.