During the COVID-19 pandemic, Reach Aotearoa was contracted by the Ministry of Health to join the national support effort. Reach employed a flexible calling team using a daily tailored number of live callers stood up from a standby maintenance pool to manage the fluctuations in daily case numbers.

We managed inbound and outbound lines and kept pace with the fast-changing stages and tasks required during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our skilled workforce (calling team, nurses and doctors) has a high level of technological literacy and are able to navigate across multiple software platforms seamlessly.

Reach has an internal Clinical Team comprising of nurses and doctors to enable real-time acute triaging and assessments for those engaging with the service.

Key areas of support provided:

  • Contact Tracing
  • Disease contact calls
  • Border management support
  • COVID result advice
  • National allocation of cases
  • Public Health Unit support
  • Exposure event management advice with exposure event sites
  • RAT line coverage
  • Case Investigation for priority populations
  • Acute clinical assessment for presenting Cases with severe COVID symptoms
The Reach team also delivered the COVID Pulse Survey, surveying 300 people every day to monitor the experience of a random sample of the population to the pandemic. This included health and mental health measurements, guidelines knowledge and compliance and financial impact data. These results were collected and analysed by Reach automated systems and supplied directly to key policy makers at the highest level to help guide daily pandemic management.