Reach Aotearoa Telehealth has an extensive, scalable clinical team to support callers through their calling journey. Our clinical team comprises both registered General Practitioners and Registered Nurse Advisors who are able to provide comprehensive clinical assessments, and have the ability escalate internally for further medical intervention.

We currently maintain a base capacity of 200 FTE callers, with inbound and outbound calling, supporting the Aotearoa / New Zealand COVID response. Supporting this is a pipeline of "call ready" telehealth workers, familiar with current protocols, that can be deployed very quickly in the event of a sudden surge in cases.  We also have a reserve workforce of 2000 trained callers with experience in Reach systems and processes.

Our innovative IT platform means we have very fast development and implementation timeframes. While not supporting our COVID response the Reach team is available to support public health programme delivery and help respond to natural disasters.

Reach Aotearoa have co-developed and implemented virtual clinics which provide triage, assessment, and virtual doctors, at accessible locations in pharmacy, community, and medical settings. The Reach team can help with vaccination reminders and recalls, and can provide after hours medical support.