Reach Aotearoa performs all types of research and evaluation. We have in-house research design experts and statistical expertise. We have worked in close collaboration with Otago University on a range of projects, providing core research support for Rheumatic Fever and Strep throat studies.

We can offer comprehensive end to end support during the journey including real time feedback platforms and data analysis.


Reach performs all types of evaluation. Our process commences with the development of a framework to understand the service, in the context of the prevailing organisational structures.

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Quantitative Methods

Reach has extensive expertise with most forms of biostatistical analysis. We can provide both advice (including suggestions as to appropriate statistical analyses and power calculations) and the analyses themselves.

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Mārama patient experience monitoring

Mārama collects real-time feedback from your consumers and their family/whānau and presents the results in graphical dashboards.

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