Survey Services

Over the past 15 years, Reach Aotearoa has developed a highly-skilled, stable, national interviewer workforce that can consistently collect high quality data and deliver high response rates. 

Reach Aotearoa's sophisticated field-monitoring and training systems have ensured consistently high response rates across a variety of national household surveys, both face-to-face and telephone-based. High response rates are especially important for public policy research, where the findings often directly determine policy and the allocation of public funds. In population surveys, the lower the response rate, the higher the likelihood of non-response bias being introduced. This can result in the findings being unrepresentative of the population.

Reach Aotearoa interviewers are highly trained to effectively engage and recruit respondents from all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. As a result, the demographic composition of our survey respondents often correlates closely to the population as a whole - a key indicator for measuring the validity of a survey.