Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be employed?
No; this is contractor work and you will be a self-employed interviewer paid fees for completed interviews plus travel time and mileage allowances.  There is no retainer or hourly rate.

How long will the work be for?
We cannot guarantee how much work there will be, but generally our surveys are continuous projects, so you need to be available and committed to this on a permanent basis. The more you are prepared to travel to work, the more work we may be able to offer to you.

How much will I earn?
Generally, this is up to you as the more surveys you complete, the more you will be paid. We will discuss your earning goals with you and how you can achieve them.

Are the interviews pre-arranged?
No. You will be given a list of household addresses which have been sent a letter from the survey sponsor (e.g. the Ministry of Health) telling them that their household has been selected to take part and that you will be calling on them.  You will not have contact names or telephone numbers. You will then call on those households to encourage them to take part and set up an interview - this may be straight away or later.

When must I work?
You can choose when you would like to work to fit in with other commitments, so this work is perfect if you need flexibility. However, you must have at least 30 hours per week available and be able to regularly work some evenings and weekends to ensure you catch people at home. You will often re-visit households multiple times to achieve the response rate that we need so you need the tenacity to be out, even in bad weather!

Do I need my own car and equipment?
You must have your own reliable vehicle and a mobile phone.  All other equipment you need to complete surveys will be provided, including a laptop.

Do I need to be experienced at this work?
No! We are looking for motivated, resilient people who can work autonomously, are confident using IT, can follow process, and who are great with people; you need to be able to engage with people on the doorstep and quickly establish their trust. If we identify you have the skills and personality for this work, you will be provided with free training from the best in the business. We want you to succeed and enjoy the work and you will have plenty of ongoing support to help you.

Is the work safe? 
The welfare of our interviewers is our main priority and we have systems in place to help keep them safe. We will train and develop a personal safety plan with you including assessment and management of potential risks e.g.  dogs, unfamiliar areas or confrontational respondents. However, you do need to be confident to work alone and manage your own safety.

Who would I help by doing this?
Every New Zealander; the data you will collect helps inform Government ministries and determine policy and funding. This important work genuinely makes a difference to everyone working and living in New Zealand.